Do you have a problem and dont know where to turn for help?  Thats how I felt when I brought home my first shelter dog!  I have a network of industry professionals; if I cant help you, I can find someone who can.

Whether you're integrating a new pet into your family, or want to develope a better relationship with your current pet, no matter what age or breed, I can help you.
Does your dog think his name is "NO!" or "Bad Dog!"? I can show you how to deal with problem behavior using positive reinforcement, which science has shown to be the most effective training method.
Chow Chow Rescue
Volunteering at the shelter, I noticed when we got Chows in that there wasnt a Chow rescue in the NoVa region.  Because of my affinity for Asian breeds, and especially chows, I will assist with fostering, evaluation and adoption of dogs in need.