Hope for fearful dogs. 
Fear may be based on real or perceived threat, and Red Dot embraces the furry souls and their families in need of relief.  

Together, we'll use the tried and true methods that I've learned over years of rehabilitative work with difficult dogs, and help your dog be their best self. 

Don't give up, reach out. 
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Mary O'Malley

What is a Red Dot Dog?
Fear-Based Aggression
The Chow Chow
In many shelters, a red dot on a dog's kennel card indicates behavioral issues that require the expertise of a trainer before they can be considered for adoption.

Why do I prefer to work with red dot dogs? Because after years of work in shelters and rescue, one thing is very clear; more often than not, these dogs are acting out their fear. 

Knowing this, I've dedicated my work to helping these dogs overcome their fear and find another chance at happiness. 

 A fearful dog lashes out as a form of defense against threats, either real or perceived.  These threats can come in the form of:

  • Humans
  • Other animals
  • Objects

Red Dot approaches fearful dogs with compassion and patience.  Punishment and negative reinforcement are not effective in modifying fear-based behaviors, as they only serve as validation of the threat being real and terrifying through association with the punishment. 
Chows are a delightful breed that when responsibly bred and socialized, make famously loyal companions.

They accept new human friendships when properly introduced by their beloved owner, but are generally aloof with "outsiders". 

With their dignified, serene presence, Chows are adaptable , have no special exercise needs, and happily take to apartment living.